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New Hampshire Lottery
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US Online Lotteries

A Review of Five Popular Online State Lotteries

Many folks may be old enough to remember the day when their state announced a compelling new idea based on an old concept. Some may have even purchased one of the inaugural lottery tickets in their state. A number of state lotteries kicked off nearly 50 years ago.

There has been a boatload of bucks paid to lucky winners since those first tickets were sold at retail outlets. Literally billions in cash have been awarded in prizes, plus billions more funneled into state education.

 There have been many changes to lottery ticket sales and hundreds of different game ideas created over the years. However, technology has triggered the biggest transformation of all. It’s altered how we’re able to play these exciting lottery-type games.

 For many years, lottery players had to visit a retail vendor. Now, there are currently 10 US states where you can play lottery games and buy draw tickets online. Here are five of those states with successful online lotteries.



 Michigan launched lottery games back in 1972. Lawmakers passed Public Act 239 and the games were on. From the first Green Ticket games sold in the early 70s, the Michigan Lottery has evolved.

 There has been more than $20 billion directed into the state’s public education fund. Michigan revamped their lottery website in August 2014. This allowed players inside the state boundaries to purchase draw game tickets and play virtual scratch-off games online.

 The type and number of games has grown. There are different versions of the popular Keno game that blends bingo and draw game excitement. The prize jackpots for each game are different, but some can be as much as $500,000.



 The Michigan Lottery offers an array of special promotions. You’ll want to grab one as soon as you complete your new account registration. Once you register and make your first deposit, a 50 percent match will be credited. You can buy draw game tickets or play online instant games.

 You can get as much as $100 free, plus you’ll earn a set of free chances at Treetop Treasures. There are also promotions like the Daily Free Spin and month Let’s Play Giveaway promotions. Each month there will be a featured Instant Game of the month.



 One of the biggest things that seems to set the Michigan online lottery apart is the vast number of games. There are 226 games listed under all categories. They also offer six different drop-down filters to quickly get you right to the games you want to play.

 The categories are broken down into draw games, instant games, pull tabs, fast cash, keno and second chance games. You can purchase tickets for both Powerball and Mega Millions, plus other Michigan Lottery draw games.

 There are instant games such as, Lucky 7’s, Spring Cascade, Queen of Diamonds and Instant Football Payout. There are matching symbol games where you can win literally thousands of dollars in an instant. Visit the games tab on the menu bar to see all 226 Michigan online lottery games.


Depositing and Withdrawing

 Once you have an account, the next step is to deposit funds. It’s a simple process. Log into your account and click the “make a deposit” tab. Follow the easy step-by-step instructions to choose a method of deposit, enter your information, and then select an amount.

 Review the information for accuracy and click SUBMIT. Each time you make a deposit into your Michigan Lottery online account, you verify you are in the state. To withdraw funds, you simply follow the same general steps in reverse.

 Click to the Withdraw Funds page. Select the method you want to use and have your driver’s license number handy. Enter the accurate information and double check it. Verify the information is accurate and then Click SUBMIT. It’s that simple.


Michigan Online Lottery Players Club

 The Michigan Lottery values player loyalty. It’s called the Michigan Lottery Players Club. It is a rewards program with special incentives for lottery players who play often. Players Club members are also offered exciting promotions reserved for members.

 You can also form a group of family members and friends to make playing the lottery even more fun. Players Club members accumulate points the more they play. The more they play the more free rewards they earn, such as free games and free second chance opportunities.



 Pennsylvania launched their first lottery ticket sales about the same time as Michigan. The Pennsylvania Lottery sold their first tickets on March 7, 1972. Eight days later, the first winner of a Pennsylvania Lottery game was awarded a cash prize.

 In 2002, the PA Lottery added the two wildly popular national draw games, Powerball and Mega Millions. Pennsylvania was the seventh in our list of 10 states that now have online versions of their state lotteries.

 The Quaker State launched the PAiLottery in May 2018. The popularity of the online lottery option exploded. In July 2019, the PAiLottery helped the state to set a new record for monthly lottery revenue.

 Recently, the PAiLottery opened up for purchasing all types of draw tickets online, including Powerball and Mega Millions. Lottery enthusiasts can also play an exciting option called Xpress Sports. These are virtual horse and car racing games where you can win cash.



 New account sign-ups at the PAiLottery start off with the first promotional offer. You can get a 100 percent match to your first deposit up to $250. That’s like $250 worth of free chances to become an instant millionaire.

 The PAiLottery also has some enticing promotions on weekly games as well. There is Mega Monday, Magnified Wednesday and Double Your Luck Fridays. Just about every day of the week, the PAiLottery is offering some type of special promotion. They want you to play often and win often.



 PAiLottery uses a vivid top menu bar that focuses on why you visited the site. You came to have fun playing lottery-type games and win some cash. That’s what comprises the main list of tabs across the main header.

 Once you sign in, you don’t have to search through drop-down windows or other tabs to find the games you want to play. They are bold and organized in a neat row. You can quickly jump to draw games, scratch-offs, fast play or Keno.

 There is one drop-down so you can race off to race fast cars or fast horses in the Xpress Sport virtual games. Fast play games are a thrill as well. You can play Bloomin’ Bucks, Bankroll, or the Jewel Heist.

 These games produce fast winners with prize jackpots in the thousands. You don’t even have to run to the convenience store to grab a handful of scratch-off tickets. There are virtual scratch-off tickets like James Bond 007™, Flamingo Bingo, Stinkin’ Rich and Magnificent Millions.

 Depositing and Withdrawing

 Putting money in and taking money out of your PAiLottery account is simple. You can choose between an ACH e-Check, Visa or MasterCard (debit or credit), PayPal, iLottery WebCash, PA Play+ account. There is also the PayNearMe option at a PA Lottery retail location.

 Go to make a deposit and pick your deposit method. Fill in all the information boxes and double check it for accuracy. Confirm the amount and click SUBMIT. To withdraw winnings, you have three options.

 The money can be transferred directly back to the bank account with an ACH eCheck. Prize winnings can be deposited back into a linked PayPal account. If you have a PAiLottery Play+ account, withdraws can be transferred directly.


Pennsylvania Online Lottery Players Club

 The PAiLottery Reward Program offers various promotions. It’s called the VIP Club. Each VIP Club member can earn extra perks the more they play. It’s free to be a PAiLottery VIP Club member.

 One perk is that VIP Club members can use non-winning scratch-offs in second chance lottery draws. As a VIP Club member, you get daily updates, plus notice of special promotions. VIP Club members also receive free coupons.


New Hampshire

 The state of New Hampshire has the distinction of being the first state lottery to launch in the 48 contiguous United States. New Hampshire was only outpaced by Puerto Rico. The first tickets were sold in March 1964.

 Legislation approved by public vote overwhelmingly. New Hampshire wasn’t quite as quick out of the gate to start their online lottery though. This May marks two years since the first online games were offered at the NHiLottery.

 There have been some modifications to the online experience that have helped improve the lottery player’s experience. Account registration is free, plus you can purchase tickets for the massive national draw games, Powerball and Mega Millions.



 New account sign-ups with the NHiLottery should take advantage of any promo code they can discover. There isn’t one posted on the main website, but there is a proposal to offer a 100 percent match on your first deposit up to $100.

 There are also special holiday promotions and events. You should opt-in for email notifications. This is how the NHiLottery keeps their valued players up-to-date on promotions, plus allows these regular players to get first crack at them.



 The NH iLottery has developed a nice selection of online games. Of course, you can buy your big prize money draw game tickets online, but there are other exciting ways to win money as well.

 A few of the most popular NH iLottery online games are Triple Gems, Blazing Red 7’s, Slapshot, The Roaring Twenties, Instant Football Payout and Jackpot Cash. Some games have jackpot cash prize amounts up to $100,000.


Depositing and Withdrawing

 You can deposit money into your NHiLottery account using a debit/credit card, PayPal account, or via an ACH-bank transfer. Deposits must be at least $10 but no more than $100 per day.

 You can withdraw your prize winnings back to an attached PayPal account or to your bank with an ACH-bank transfer check. PayPal transfers take around 48 hours, and your bank account should post the withdrawal within 3 to 5 business days.


New Hampshire Online Lottery Players Club

 The NHiLottery doesn’t have a specific player loyalty program. However, each day there are different E-Instant Spotlight games offered. The E-Instant Spotlight game will offer chances to win bonus money or free game plays.



 In respect to how many states had lotteries ahead of them, Georgia was late to the lottery game. Legislation for retail lottery ticket sales did happen until 1992. However, Georgia quickly began to provide billions in support for their education system.

 The Georgia State Lottery topped $1 billion in sales the first year. The Georgia Lottery Corporation has transferred over $20 billion to Georgia education funds in 26 years. Georgia actually triggered an online version faster than some states.

 The website was launched in 2012. You can purchase Powerball and Mega Millions tickets, play Keno games, or take your chance at prize jackpots upwards to $300,000 playing a variety of instant games.



 There are frequent promotions on Your Player Zone membership will keep you up-to-date with special offers and giveaways as they happen.

 The Diamond X10 scratcher giveaway and the Festival of Laughs are two exciting promotions the Georgia Lottery offers online. You can also take part in the Cash Pop Cash Shot promotion at a Georgia Lottery kiosk during Atlanta Hawks games.



 The Georgia Lottery has dozens of games online. The Georgia Lottery has dozens of games to play on a desktop computer or on mobile devices. Ticket prices range from $0.50 up to $30.

 Some games give you the chance to pocket as much as $500,000. There are more than 30 instant type games. The categories for online games include, board games, arcade games, click and win, plus fun word puzzles and scratch-offs.

 Instant games you can play online at are DaVinci Diamonds, Bop Dice, Wheel of Fortune, Siberian Storm and Cleopatra. Jumbo Bucks is an extremely popular matching symbol game where you can win up to $200,000 in cash.


Depositing and Withdrawing

 The easiest and quickest way to fund your Georgia Lottery account is with the iHope Discover debit card. Once a Georgia Lottery Players Club account is activated, you will receive this debit card. It takes about two weeks.

 Once you get your iHope card, you can make deposits using a Visa or MasterCard, debit or credit, or through your savings or checking account. Prizes up to $600 can automatically be deposited onto a Georgia Lottery iHope Discover debit card.

 Prizes over $600 must be picked up at a lottery retailer or lottery office. Winning prize tickets up to $25,000 can be claimed at the Georgia Lottery Kiosks inside the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport. Prize amounts under $500,000 are usually paid within one business day.


Georgia Online Lottery Players Club

 The rewards program at is called the Players Zone. While there aren’t quite as many perks as some online state lotteries, it is still full of promotional offers and special notifications. You want to register for the Players Zone when you activate your Georgia Lottery online account.



 Sixty percent of Kentuckians voted to approve a hotly debated political talking point over a November 1988 ballot item. It involved whether Kentucky would begin a state lottery. In April 1989, the first Kentucky Lottery tickets went on sale.

 In 2013, the legislation approved an online version of various Kentucky Lottery games. However, it took three years before the first official online games were launched. PlayKyLottery has now been in operation for four years.

 The online games offer a nice assortment of exciting ways to win cash. Players are also able to purchase national draw game tickets online. One key group the online legislation targeted was Kentucky’s younger population. The PlayKyLottery has been tremendously successful in that area.



 The first time you make a deposit into your PlayKyLottery account, you can take advantage of one promotional offer. PlayKyLottery will add a matching 25 percent into your account up to $499.

 That means you can get as much as $124.75 in free money to win cash. The matching funds are called Bonus Bucks and are instantly put into your PlayKyLottery Fun Club account. Fun Club members can also stay abreast of other promotional offers.



 PlayKyLottery has many of the traditional online games. You can win cash playing scratch-offs or matching symbol games. Let’s Play Keno is an extremely popular online game at PlayKyLottery, one where you can win thousands of dollars in cash every few minutes.

 Break Fort Knox is a new game that has been launched to pay tribute to the Kentucky Lottery’s anniversary. Champion Raceway is a unique game to PlayKyKentucky that acknowledges the Bluegrass State’s roots to horse racing.

 Other fun games include Cats ‘N’ Dogs, Emoti Collect, Money Strike, Celtic Clouds and Wheel of Fortune on the Road. PlayKyLottery account holders can also purchase all their Powerball and Mega Millions tickets right online.


Depositing and Withdrawing

 You can add funds to a PlayKyLottery account using a debit/credit card, PayPal account or through an ACH-bank transfer. There is an icon Make Deposit that’s easy to find. All you need to do is follow the simple process and click SUBMIT. Claiming your prizes and withdrawing money is a little different.

 Up to $600, can be credited to your PlayKyLottery account. However, higher prize amounts require a completed claim form be submitted. The locations where you can submit these claim forms and get your winnings is explained in detail under claiming your prizes.


Kentucky Online Lottery Players Club

 They call the players reward program at the PlayKyLottery site the Fun Club. All new accounts at PlayKyLottery need to join the Fun Club. Fun Club members can take part in the Super Cash Buster Giveaway.

 Every Super Cash Buster game gets at winning a $100 VISA gift card. In addition to entering the Super Cash Buster Giveaway, every new Fan Club member gets one entry for a $20 gift package giveaway.

 These are five out of the ten US states that offer online versions of their state lotteries. Buying million dollar draw tickets and playing exciting cash games is available right at your fingertips. All of them offer free account registration, plus a number of special promotions. If you live in any of these five states, grab your free account and start winning jackpots today.