Rhode Island Lottery Promo Code

Rhode Islanders Love to Play The Lottery

Nearly every state in the U.S. has some form of state-run lottery games. Probably only one has become so popular it has endeared itself to residents by a unique moniker. While Rhode Island is the smallest state geographically, The Ocean State has big lottery winners.

The Rhode Island Lottery is called “The Lot”. Rhode Island’s lottery history goes back centuries. Lottery-type proceeds were generated during the colonial period. The colonial legislature banned lottery games in 1732, but they were restarted 12 years later.

The General Assembly banned all lottery games in 1842, and this ban would hold for more than 100 years. A Rhode Island constitutional amendment was passed in 1973 that launched a statewide lottery. The first official Rhode Island Lottery ticket sales began the following year.

In 1987, Rhode Island became a charter member of the Multi-State Lottery Association. Being a member of this national lottery organization allows Rhode Island to sell tickets for multi-million dollar draw games such as Mega Millions™ and Powerball™.

Rhode Island was one of the first states to launch a website. In 1999, the state began limited online opportunities at www.rilot.com. Six years later, the website was redesigned and a new VIP players club was started.

Over the last 20 years, The Lot has been at the forefront of launching various types of online games, including one of the first interactive games SUDOKU. By 2015, Rhode Island iLottery players could download an app to scan tickets and play a number of games on mobile devices.

In 2016, PlaySpot mobile app launched. This is a way for players to purchase and play Keno and eInstant games using any mobile devices. The Lot continues to improve the online experience. In 2018, the website was revamped with an updated VIP Club, plus a second chance ticket winning system was added.

The Rhode Island Lottery Welcomes You to The Lot

The Lot doesn’t post a welcome bonus or matching deposit bonus for new accounts or first time deposits. However, new players are encouraged to register for the VIP Club. Immediately upon signing up for a VIP Club membership, new promotions and free games begin to happen.

VIP Club members earn free game plays, plus can take part in a number of exciting contests. There are promotions that award free tickets to NFL and MLB professional sports games. New accounts don’t have to play through a deposit to get free stuff on The Lot, it happens as soon as you become a VIP Club member.

Creating a New Rhode Island iLottery Account

Registering for a Rhode Island Lottery account is easy. It takes only a couple of minutes get started winning cash online. There are four quick steps to get a free account. Once you have a free Rhode Island iLottery account, you should take advantage of a free VIP Club membership.

This is necessary to play games online. There is also onetime process to set up a Global Payments VIP Preferred™ E-Check service to deposit funds and transfer your prize winnings.

Account Information

• Enter your email address and confirm the address.
• Enter a strong password and confirm.
• Add a promo code for new user bonus if you have one.
• Click “Submit”

Personal Information

• Enter your first name, last name
• Select gender from the drop-down menu and enter your birth date
• Enter a street address, city and zip code
• Enter the last four digits of your social security number and a phone number
• Confirm you’re at least 18
• Check all information
• Click “Submit”

VIP Club Membership

Once you have completed the basic new account registrations steps, you can select and register for the VIP Club. As part of the VIP Club registration, you will link a bank account to deposit and withdraw funds. Here’s how to establish a Global Payments VIP Preferred™ E-Check service.

• Log in to your VIP Club+ account.
• Click ‘My Account,’ and choose ‘Deposit.’ Select the ‘Enroll’ tab, next to the ‘e-Check’ option.
• Provide the following information:
• Driver’s license country of issue
• Driver’s license identification number
• Driver’s license expiration date
• Driver’s license state of issue
• Bank account number and routing number

Once approved, you will be issued a seven seven-day deposit limit. This is a revolving limit applied to your account. You can make deposits up to this limit, as long as your Rhode Island iLottery account remains in good standing. With Rhode Island VIP Club membership there are also the following benefits.

• Buy and play Keno and eInstant Games on any mobile device
• Manage transactions and how prize winnings are credited to your account.
• Save your favorite Keno numbers.
• Set your play limits.
• Check eInstant game offers and promotions.
• Manage your VIP membership, including account information and preferences.
• Scan your Instant and Draw Game to check for winning numbers.
• Find out what the latest jackpot amounts are for national draw games.
• Check the recent winning numbers for Powerball®, Mega Millions®, Lucky for Life®, Wild Money, The Numbers, Keno and Bingo.
• Find Rhode Island Lottery retailer convenient to your location.
• Read how to play information for any Rhode Island Lottery game, online or via a retailer.

How to Make a Deposit on the Rhode Island iLottery

Once you’ve completed all the steps for your new Rhode Island iLottery account, it’s time to start winning. You can play games immediately, or watch demonstrations. To play for cash, you need to have funds in your Rhode Island iLottery account. Here’s how to make deposits on The Lot.

• Sign into your Rhode Island iLottery VIP account and go to “My Account”.
• Select the “Deposit” button and choose “Bank Transfer”.
• The Lot accepts ACH-bank transfers or eChecks.
• First time deposits must register with Global Payments VIP Preferred™ E-Check service.
• Enter your banking information, account and routing number and deposit amount.
• The minimum deposit is $10 and the maximum deposit is $200.
• Review your transaction and click SUBMIT.
• You will receive a confirmation of payment.
• Balances in your Rhode Island iLottery account should be updated automatically, but the withdrawal may take up to 48 hours to post on your bank account.

Types of Games you can Play on the Rhode Island iLottery

The Rhode Island iLottery has an assortment of fun online games. While the ability to purchase national Powerball and Mega Millions tickets online is not available yet, look for this potential change to be on the horizon.

However, there are some fun and fantastically exciting games you can play online at The Lot. Let’s take a look at a few games.


Keno is an exciting game that combines bingo and big ticket draw games. You pick a matrix of 1 to 10 numbers between 1 and 80. The strategy is to match as many of your Keno numbers to the board’s 80 number matrix.

You can win up to $100,000 playing regular Keno, up to $500,000 on Keno Overtime, and up to $1,000,000 using the Keno Plus. When your numbers match the computer-drawn numbers, you’re a winner.

More matching numbers equals a bigger prize payout. There are even winners when none of your numbers match. There is a new game every four minutes. You can watch Keno games unfold at Keno-On-The-Go, or use your Rhode Island iLottery app to check for winners.

eInstant Games

There are 13 eInstant games available online. You can play these games on any PC, or download the app for access anywhere in the state.

50X the Money – This is an exciting matching number game. You win when your numbers match the winning number. There will be 20 cash stacks and six coins. You pick a stack of cash and if a winning number is under your stack; you win the number under one of the six coins. The jackpot is as high as $100,000 instantly.

Ruby 7s – Ruby 7s can payout as much as $120,000 instantly. This is a symbol matching game with bonus gems. Triple 7 symbols will triple the amount of any prize amount shown.

Dazzling Diamonds Deluxe – This is another number matching game. Match any of your numbers to the computer drawn winning number and win instantly. Prize jackpots on Dazzling Diamonds Deluxe can be as high as $200,000.

Pink Diamond Crossword – Pink Diamond Crossword is a reveal letter game. Letters are uncovered across a crossword puzzle like board. Any three words completed on a board win a prize. The more words the bigger the cash payout. Jackpot prizes are up to $125.000.

Emoti Collect – The next game combines a spinning wheel with game grid. As you spin the wheel, symbols will appear on the grid. You can win when the wheel stops on an instant win symbol, or any of the grid symbols are highlighted when you land on it. Players can win up to $50,000 instantly.

How to Claim Prizes

You may transfer prize winnings from your Rhode Island VIP account to your bank account at any time. Follow these steps to transfer winning account balances.

• Sign into your Rhode Island iLottery account.
• Go to “My Account” and choose “Transfer Funds”.
• You can transfer any portion or all of the funds noted as “Eligible Amount to Transfer”.
• Enter the amount you want transferred to your bank.
• Click “Submit”.
• Confirm the amount showing and click the “Transfer Funds” tab.

Transfer requests may show as pending for up to 48 hours. Be sure to check your email frequently, in case there is a request for account verification. Normally, you can expect the money in your bank account in 3 to 5 business days.

The Lot – Website and Mobile App Review

The Lot website uses a static, scrolling page format. Game icons and image galleries are employed perfectly to follow the pages visually. The combination makes the website readable on a PC or mobile device.

There are no distracting sidebars full of advertisements. The main top menu blends into a blue background. Four tabs, About Us, Financial, Retailer’s Corner and Help are white text on a blue background.

On the right side of the visually appealing logo are the two most important buttons, VIP login and Register. The secondary menu falls right in the middle of the upper portion when you open the home page.

All caps dark text on a white background promotes excellent readability. Designers did not use a drop-down format, so it players can click straight through to the page they want. Below the navigation menu bar is an image carousel.

Players can advance forwards or backwards using left and right arrows, or watch the carousel unfold slowly. There’s information about eInstant games and ongoing Rhode Island iLottery promotions.

Scroll down to find pertinent information about draw games and Keno that begin every few minutes. A three image carousel across the page supplies direct access to the national draw games Powerball and Mega Millions.

The website continues with a fluid scroll through instant games and other information such as direct tab to recent winners. The website and app are colorful and organized. There are quick play tabs for instant games.

Other information is provided with quick tabs to pages like group play and second chance drawings. The website and mobile app are presented brilliantly. It is user-friendly and vivid. The organizational layout is one of the better online lottery options available.


• The main homepage is static and scrolls smoothly. It is extremely easy to find games, winning numbers, or see ongoing promotional offers.
• Rhode Island iLottery accounts are free and take only minutes to open.
• VIP Club promotions and specials are offered frequently.
• The FAQ section is extremely helpful. Most questions can be answered from this detailed and helpful part of the website.
• For more detailed questions, it is extremely easy to contact the Rhode Island Lottery.


• The number of available games is limited, and account holders cannot purchase national draw game tickets online.
• No deposit can be transferred back to your bank account. Only prize winnings are eligible for transfer. Once deposited, all bank transfers must be used to play lottery games.

Rhode Island Lottery Contact Information

Rhode Island Lottery support is coordinated through the main lottery office at 1425 Pontiac Avenue, Cranston, Rhode Island 02920. Mail inquires for basic questions can be postmarked to this address.

However, you can also get help with questions and problems at The Lot by phone or email. There is a convenient fax number under the contact information to transfer verification documents. The contact page also provides directions to come to the main office personally.

They provide information for the Rhode Island Public Transit Authority trip planner tool to get you right to the front door. The Rhode Island Lottery has one of the most organized and easy-to-access help and support networks our lottery reviews have encountered.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Rhode Island Lottery

Is Rhode Island Lottery Online safe and secure?

Safety and player security are vitally important to the Rhode Island iLottery. All information, including bank transfer transactions, is conducted via encryption and on private servers. By using only eCheck transfers with Global Payments, your monetary transactions are safe and secure as well.

Is Rhode Island lottery online legal?

Yes. The Rhode Island iLottery is completely legal. While there is some discussion about states with online lotteries being questioned under the Federal Wire Act, as long as you make account transactions, play games and use features inside Rhode Island boundaries, it is 100 percent legal.

What is the biggest game on Rhode Island iLottery?

Numerous eInstant games on the Rhode Island iLottery have cash jackpot amounts in excess of $50,000. Ruby 7s and Pink Diamond Crossword have jackpots of up to $120,000 and $125,000 respectfully. The biggest potential payout is the Dazzling Diamonds Deluxe with a potential cash jackpot of $200,000.

When is the Rhode Island Lottery Drawing?

Keno numbers are drawn every four-minutes. The national draw games are four days each week. Powerball is on Wednesday and Saturday. Mega Millions draws occur on Tuesday and Friday. Lucky for Life drawings are held on Monday and Thursday.

Can you play Rhode Island iLottery games when in you’re in another state?

No. Players can access account information from anywhere, but you cannot transfer funds, claim prizes, or play any Rhode Island iLottery games unless you are within the state boundaries. Geolocation technology is used to verify that devices are within Rhode Island borders.

Where does the Rhode Island lottery money go?

Since 1974, the Lottery has infused more than $7.4 billion to the State’s General Fund. The money is used for public education, health care, public safety and the environment. After prize awards, vendor commissions and operating expenses, the money is remainder is transferred the State General Fund.

Who won the most recent Rhode Island Lottery?

The most recent winner on the Rhode Island Lottery was a man from Cranston, Rhode Island. Michael Ruo won a whopping $30,000 cash prize on a $5 Cherry Tripler ticket. In December 2019, a Rhode Island resident won $50,000 on Powerball.

Is there a Rhode Island Lottery Mobile App?

Yes. There are a number of benefits to downloading the Rhode Island iLottery app. Users can play their favorite games, plus use the ticket number scanner to check for winners. You manage your VIP Club account and check for jackpot updates on national draw games.

Can you view the numbers from past lottery drawings through your Rhode Island iLottery account?

Yes. When you log into your Rhode Island iLottery account, you can check the winning numbers for any of the nine number draw games. From the menu bar, click “winning numbers”. There are nine icons for each of the games that post winning numbers, including Powerball and Mega Millions.