Virginia Lottery Promo Code: Top Bonus 2020

The Virginia Lottery has been around since 1988, beginning with basic scratch-offs to an online system that we will be talking about today. All the lottery games are to support the education system in Virginia, which is where the dollars go.

The Virginia Online Lottery began in July 2018 simply as a mobile checker of winning numbers. They have grown the app to even more – in July 2020, Virginia Lottery began offering Cash4Life, Mega Millions, and Powerball tickets online for Virginians to purchase instead of buying them at a convenience store or gas station. Since the launch of the Virginia Lottery, they have collected over $12 billion in winnings.

Virginia Lottery Bonus

The Virginia Lottery gives you a bonus when you sign-up and play. On your first deposit, you will receiver a $10 free bonus upon registration and also 10 free plays on Queen of Diamonds.

Queen of Diamonds is a card game played to give you a chance to win big. It is a popular game across many online lottery platforms, including Virginia’s. The game is also an instant win lottery game, so you get into the action right away.

Unlike sportsbooks or some online casino, the bonus given is not necessarily in favor of the player. However, the bonus is used more as a tool to explore the website and play different games and scratch-offs to see which ones you like. The lottery also has small minimums as low as five cents per turn.

This also allows anyone to be able to get in on the fun of the Virginia Lottery.

Virginia Lottery Promotions

The Virginia Lottery has plenty of promotions for everyone that plays. They are constantly giving out prizes every and announcing the winners every Tuesday. The winners are announced every Tuesday, and you can find out if you are a winner right on the website.

Some of the prizes include a Dell Computer, a $500 gift card, a $300 restaurant gift card, a Ring Security Doorbell, and more. The winners vary each week, but usually, the Virginia Lottery will choose 10 or more people each week for the prize, depending on what it is.

These are not traditional promotions, and these prizes do not come from winning games. No, this is just for being apart of the Virginia Lottery; anyone in the state that signs up can be apart of it.

Usually, when lottery’s, casinos, or sportsbooks give promotions, they are cash prizes that you can use within their system to keep playing. This usually is the free money that they offer. However, the Virginia Lottery gives its customers prizes and can win every week, which is much different than traditional lottery systems.

Virginia Lottery Sign-Up

Sign-up is simple and should only take you a few minutes to get through. They first ask for an email address and password. After, they ask for personal information like first and last name. They’ll also ask you your address and social security number for legal and verification reasons, along with a phone number.

After that is complete, they will verify the information with you. Virginia needs to make sure you are a Virginia resident and also need to make sure you are in the state to play. Players from outside states cannot play the Virginia Lottery, and Virginians traveling to another state are not able to play either.

Virginia Lottery Website & App Review

The Virginia Lottery website and mobile app have a modern design to it. With the lottery being online for a few years, the site does not look outdated by any means. It has a clean, modern look to it that anyone would find appealing.

What is also nice about the app is how the Java runs for the site. Java helps run the games being played on your phone or laptop and will make every game easy to play with no lag whatsoever.

When you enter the Virginia Lottery, at the top of your screen, you will see a menu of different options at the top like play now, enter tickets, scratch-offs, and more. By clicking the section you want to go into, you will see another drop-down menu come in and be able to get more specific in what you are looking for.

Also, when you scroll through the site, you will see different sections on the home screen for you to play games instantly. Right when you log in, you will see the Virginia Lottery’s instant lottery games from Keno to other various games.

As you continue scrolling, you will then come across play now games where they have different fun minigames for real cash prizes. The best part about this section is that these games have demos where you can play 100 percent risk-free. This will allow you to play a game to see how much you enjoy it.

From there, the lottery ticket section comes up where you can see the numbers from Mega Millions Power Ball and Cash 4 Life. You will get to see the numbers that were picked instantly from the last drawing. They also have a section where you can check your numbers to see if you won simply by punching in your ticket.

At the bottom of the page, you will see typical copyright information along with a full menu of every link that is available on the Virginia Lottery.

Overall, the website and app are very aesthetic and easy to use. The Virginia Lottery makes the games available to you right from the home page, and everything you want within the app is a click or two away.

Anyone looking to play the Virginia Lottery should be excited by the setup because it is arguably one of the best-designed apps and websites among other online lottery systems.

Games Offered at Virginia Lottery

Virginia Lottery offers multiple games on its site, including different scratch-offs, lottery tickets, and more. Although the games they offer are not typical casino games, they are still fun to play, and on top of that, you can test out games risk-free using the demo option when you play. Let’s get into them.

Play Now

Starting at the Virginia Lottery, they have “Play Now” games right as you log onto the site or the app. The Virginia Lottery has 17 “Play Now” games at your disposal. Although these are not your typical casino games, the “Play Now” games are still fun to play, and you have a chance to win on every turn.

You can play for as little as 50 cents a round and have cash prizes every chance you play. Some games have cash prizes over $100k. As mentioned above, the best part about the “Play Now” games is that you get a chance to play them before putting in real money. Yes, the games have a demo mode where you can try the games out 100 percent risk-free before putting a penny on them.

This will allow you to try out which games you like best, so you are not wasting your own money.


The next option for you to play at the Virginia Lottery is the scratchers. Scratch off tickets has been a popular game to play for all lottery’s, including in person. Online scratchers at the Virginia Lottery are nice because they range from $1 to $30 scratchers.

The amount you pay will vary the potential amount you can win. The Virginia Lottery has over 100 scratch-offs to choose from, so you will always have a chance to win. The best part about them scratchers is that the lottery will show you how many prizes remain on each scratch-off.

This allows you to play the scratchers depending on the prizes strategically. You could play the scratch-off that has over 100 prizes left instead of the one that has three prizes. This gives you more power when trying to hit big on scratch-offs.

Draw Games

Draw Games are arguably the most popular of the Virginia Lottery, and that is because they include Mega Millions, Power Ball, and Cash 4 Life. These three games are national drawings and could win put your bank account in the eight-figure or more range.

What is also nice is that the lottery also has state-run drawings like the Pick 3, Pick 4, and Pick 5. In these games, you pick a certain number of numbers to choose from, and if you get your numbers called, then you win.

The variety of the draw games in Virginia gives more people a chance to win prizes.

Virginia Lottery Banking

The Virginia Lottery understands that depositing and withdrawing money is the most important thing for players. They want to make this process headache free for you.


Depositing money is simple for the lottery. They now have an in-play wallet that you can make deposits into when you play. You can deposit money using a bank account, debit card, or PayPal. Go to the shopping cart logo at the top of the screen to add money to your account.


The withdrawal process is just as simple. Although you will not see your money instantly, like when you deposit, you will receive your withdrawal payment within 2-7 business days through the same payment you used to deposit money. If you win larger payments, however, you might have to drive the lottery headquarters to receive it. The Virginia Lottery terms and conditions will have more details on larger payments.

Virginia Lottery FAQ

How old do you have to be to play the Virginia Lottery?

You must be at least 18 years old to play the Virginia Lottery. If you are caught playing under the age of 18, then it will be guilty of a class 1 misdemeanor. Anyone over 18 is free to play anything they would like on the website or mobile app. There are multiple games and lottery tickets to choose form.

Do you have to live in Virginia to play?

Yes, you have to be a Virginia resident to play the lottery. You also have to be within the state of Virginia to play as well. If you are traveling outside of the state and want to play, you will not be able too. The state uses geolocation to track where you are.

What games does the Virginia Lottery offer?

The lottery offers a variety of games from “pick 3” or “pick 4” games to keno games, and everything in between. The Virginia Lottery also offers scratchers, Powerball, Mega Millions, and Cash4Life, which are nationwide drawings. They also have minigames that can give you cash prizes on every turn.

Is there a sign-up bonus offer?

Yes, the Virginia Lottery offers a $10 deposit bonus when you put money into your account. You have to deposit a minimum of $10, but you will get a $10 bonus when you deposit cash. You will also get 10 free plays on the Lottery’s Queen of Diamonds game as well. The free plays and $10 bonus allows you to explore the site risk-free before you play with your own money.

How do I deposit money?

Players have an in-game wallet they use to deposit your funds. You can deposit money using a bank account, debit card, or PayPal. Players are also able to deposit money right from your phone and make it easy to do so that you can play instantly.

Is the Virginia Lottery legit?

Yes, the Virginia Lottery is legit and has been around since 1988. What is nice about their lottery system is that it helps the Virginia school systems as the money goes to K-12 schools. The online lottery system has also expanded the games for you to play so that you can get the most out of your experience.